In most of our rooms breakfast and dinner is included but you may as well choose your very special breakfast among our new breakfast menu. We are serving daily changing dinner menu  where traditional african flavors will be well combined with mediterranean and “western” flavors into our german “chefs” very own creations including home made ice creams.

Among our daily specials you will find as well now home-baked cakes, quiches, soups, lasagne, and much more… One of our new highlights among our guests are our “pizza nights” …pizza baked in our wood fired stone oven.

The meals are not included in the rate of some of our accommodation. If you want dinner please order beforehand, before lunch the day you want dinner.

  • Breakfast: 15,000 Tsh incl. yogurt / muesli and coffee or tea.
  • Lunch: 12,000 Tsh for farm lunch. Which includes everything we produce here at the farm or from our daily changing lunch menu from 5.000 tsh
  • Dinner: 25,000 Tsh (3 courses)
  • Dinner: 15,000 Tsh (1 courses)
  • Pure Tanzanian Coffee: (per plunger) 7,000 Tsh
  • Pure Tanzanian Tea: 2,000 Tsh


NEW: Irente FarmHouse Restaurant

Where our guests enjoy their dinners and the fire place.